REACH – the European regulation for Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals


On 1 June 2007 the REACH legislation (Registration Evaluation Authorisation of Chemicals) entered into force within the EU. REACH is a regulation aimed at all producers of chemical substances based in the EU, importers introducing chemical substances into the EU, as well as all companies using or handling chemical substances. This European regulation is legally binding on all EU member states without having to become domestic law.

Explanation of REACH

  • In accordance with the definition of REACH we, DewertOkin GmbH, as a developer, producer and seller of motorised systems, assume the role of a so called "down-stream user" within the REACH hierarchy, since we neither prepare nor produce such substances ourselves, nor purchase these outside of the EEC.
  • Since DewertOkin GmbH acts solely as a "down-stream user", DewertOkin GmbH is under no obligation itself to register such substances. For this reason, all our suppliers have been made aware of their duties in respect of the registration, or as the case may be, pre-registration.
  • DewertOkin GmbH is unable to provide any information regarding the status of registration, or as the case may be, pre-registration of substances, since most of our suppliers, just like DewertOkin GmbH itself, assume either the role of a "down-stream user" or distributor, and as such themselves request the upstream suppliers to pre-register any relevant substances, and because no conclusive statements are available to us at the present time.
  • DewertOkin GmbH as a developer, producer and seller of motorised systems is obliged to provide information for conducting sales within the EEC (REACH Article 33 (1.)) on the presence of substances of very high concern (SVHC), in as far as such substances are used.
  • DewertOkin GmbH informs in the case of delivered products contain substances listed as hazardous by REACH Regulation and take care to introduce less dangerous substances.



All products put on the market by DewertOkin GmbH under the name DEWERT or OKIN.


Dirk Flören
Managing Director

Downloads: REACH (EN)