Our business areas

Drive technology and system solutions from DewertOkin make smooth and reliable adjustment possible in a wide range of different applications in several different industries. Here you will find a selection of application possibilities for our products - ranging from precise applications in the medical sector to ergonomically height-adjustable workstations in an office setting right through to luxurious seating and sleeping furniture.

Drive technology with great potential for application

We would like to show our customers not only the many advantages of our product portfolio consisting of single and double drives, lifting columns and control units, as well as operating elements and accessories, but above all we would like to show them the versatile fields of application of our products.

Reliable technology is indispensable in the hospital and care sector that looks after a constantly increasing number of patients. Relieving the strain on medical staff as well as the safety and comfort of patients in hospitals, retirement homes or other care facilities is of primary importance. The components used must offer a high degree of functionality and precision. Moreover, safety and hygiene standards in the medical industry are particularly high. DewertOkin's drive and system technology is designed precisely to meet these requirements and is used, among other things, in adjustable hospital and nursing beds, patient lifts, in operating rooms, in MRIs/CTs as well as in electric wheelchairs and devices for easy entry into vehicles. DewertOkin also has the appropriate components for height-adjustable treatment couches and chairs in wellness and spa facilities and in physiotherapy.


Comfort and health in everyday life

Powerful drives and associated systems are not only in demand in the medical sector - the furniture industry is also increasingly turning to electrically adjustable applications. Comfort is not always the only priority. Height-adjustable workstations allow ergonomic working and thus promote the health and concentration of employees. DewertOkin has lifting columns and systems for different types of desk, which are height-adjustable and have additional functions such as collision protection or memory positions.

But it is not only ergonomic workplaces that are becoming increasingly popular, the demand for adjustable comfort furniture is also growing. DewertOkin's drive and fitting technology integrated into comfort and recliner chairs enables quick, quiet and infinitely variable adjustment of the back and foot sections. An optional stand-up function makes it much easier for people with physical disabilities or older people to get up from a chair. In addition, there are numerous special functions such as Bluetooth® and a memory function, as well as convenient control of the furniture via app. This technology is also used in electrically adjustable comfort beds, where the head and foot sections can also be positioned. Innovative sensor technology also ensures that the beds can be equipped with a sleep tracking function.


DewertOkin - Your competent partner for intelligent systems

Our goal as a global company is to provide our customers and partners with real added value and to offer complete system solutions for applications in a wide range of industries. We focus on continuous development and innovation, high quality and durability of our products, and a comprehensive and competent service. We are also devoting a great deal of attention to the topic of digitisation, which, for example, enables you to use an app to conveniently control desks, beds and comfort chairs.

Is your application not yet listed under our industries, but you are interested in our drive and system technology? Please feel free to contact us! We would be glad to support you in the consulting phase right through to the development and implementation of your individual solution.