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Adjustable comfort beds: individually designed and comfortable

Whether it's an ergonomic reading position or simply raising the feet comfortably: optimal comfort in provided by motorized adjustable beds – operated using push-button handsets or wireless transmitters. Motor-driven box-spring beds are currently quite popular. Adjustable comfort beds must achieve gentle positional changes while at the same time being very user friendly. This is achieved by taking advantage of intelligent components. Okin is the world's leading provider of drive technology for comfort beds. We cover the entire product range for adjustable comfort beds that can be used in mid-range to high-end applications.

The inventor of the double drive

Bed manufacturers benefit from a wide selection of single and double drives for adjustable beds. As the inventor of the double drive, Okin benefits from unique experience in the market. Our powerful OKIMAT drive solutions have different adjustment loads of up to 2 x 6,000 N for the head and foot sections. They are also exceptionally energy efficient. The OKIMAT 2SL is free from electromagnetic alternating fields and thus – from an ecological/biological perspective – well suited for adjustable comfort beds.

Your reliable partner for project planning

Okin always works with the customer in mind, so we can provide you with the ideal drive solution. We consider all relevant factors in advance: including the best type of drive for your application, the required stroke, and the option for an individual cable-based handset or a wireless hand-held transmitter. We also implement complex systems for adjustable comfort beds. Here, we tailor all components exactly to the bed and even design customized control keypads and smartphone apps. All end products for adjustable comfort beds are tested intensively in our in-house laboratory. We ensure quick delivery times and have a worldwide sales network that supports our customers with all after-sales issues.

System solutions for adjustable comfort beds

Okin can implement special systems on request: for example, a system with one or more box-spring beds with different number of motors as well as under-spring systems. By directly connecting multiple control units, different motion profiles for comfort beds can be used and the bed's two twin sections can both be moved synchronously. Thus, both twin sections of the bed can be moved either simultaneously or separately from one another, using only one of the two hand-held transmitters. If, for example, a person with an upright backrest falls asleep, the other person can move the side of their bed partner to a lying position without changing their own position.

Wide variety of options

Okin offers a wide range of optional components for adjustable comfort beds. Many of these improve comfort, for example, by providing various massage motors, LED lights or USB sockets for charging mobile phones or tablets. Okin also takes the topic of electromagnetic fields very seriously and offers a mains power cut-off function, even for all wireless-controlled systems. Wireless sockets are also available. This allows the power voltage to be switched off by hand. Many OKIN controllers now feature built-in Bluetooth which enables wireless connectivity to mobile phones or tablets.

A height-adjustable desk promotes good health

More and more employers are setting up healthy workplaces for their employees. In modern offices, a height-adjustable desk with an electric drive has now become routine. These desks relieve the back and neck, promote blood circulation and increase worker productivity. This presents demanding challenges for furniture manufacturers – a height-adjustable desk should not only be comfortable and stable but also visually appealing.

For the office sector, Okin combines functionality with exceptional freedom of design during the construction of the height-adjustable desks. We produce drive systems, control units, control elements and frames –which can be customized to match your products. During the design, development and planning processes, we work together with you in skilled, cross-functional teams to implement high-quality, innovative products. Our solutions for height-adjustable desks undergo strict in-house stress tests. They are certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 as well as the CB test report.

Slim lifting columns make strong drives

Okin manufactures various versions of lifting columns for many types of applications. For example, the Deskdrive DD11, DD21 and ID21 drives systems have been specially developed for height-adjustable desks that have no crossbar. They have a sleek, modern design without visible openings in the sectional profile. This gives manufactures more freedom for the table design. The lifting columns are equipped with a maintenance-free 24-volt motor which ensures that the height can be adjusted smoothly and quietly with a high maximum pushing force. The columns also come with two Hall sensors to provide the synchronization and positioning. The drive systems also offer excellent versatility for adjusting the desk due to their very long stroke length of 650 millimetres.

A height-adjustable desk, however, must not only be stable but also allow users to change position at any time. A special adjustable sliding system, patented by Okin, ensures the stability of the height-adjustable desk. The ID21 drive system also has a highly efficient and noise-optimized in-line gearbox, which permits very small installation heights of 520 millimetres. In addition, Okin offers optional table frame components which complement these lifting column systems.

Intelligent control units for every drive

The drive systems are compatible with the COMPACTecoCOMPACTeco + and SMARTeco control units, which can be programmed to fit the requirements of your height-adjustable desk. Their ISP software provides them with intelligent system protection. The basic functionality also includes four saved positions for the height-adjustable desk which can be selected using the control element. The control unit can also monitor the power consumption, the Hall sensor signals, and the adjustment time-outs on each channel. The optional pre-programmed safety functions then react according to this data. For example, if a collision is imminent, all channels are stopped and the drives move in the opposite direction.Each drive system requires an appropriate control element that is reliable and can adapt to the design of the particular product. Okin offers a wide range of handsets that enable you to intuitively operate the height-adjustable desks. These range from purist-design control elements to complex manual handsets that cover a wide range of functions. The portfolio includes the entry-level HSCO model, a particularly small handset with two keys that is placed under the table top. In contrast, the HSF handset is considerably more sophisticated; this flat control element can control two motor groups simultaneously. It has a maximum of nine keys and a memory function for four position buttons that can be pre-set. The current table height can be viewed along with other information on the energy-saving LED display.

Powerful drive technology for adjustable armchairs

Adjustable armchairs with motorized back and foot sections are currently quite popular: Reclining television armchairs and other reclining seating are expected to be very comfortable. Stand-up chairs, which are particularly relevant for seniors, have a motorized adjustable stand-up assistance feature, which helps to promote mobility. Modern motorized armchairs are being configured with more special features, such as Bluetooth or memory functionality, that provide real benefits for their users.

OKIN is a specialist in drive and system technology for motorized armchairs, with more than 20 years of experience in the seating industry. We not only manufacture components such as drives, control units and control keypads, but also design and implement tailor-made customized projects. In the joint planning phase, we custom-design the entire system and program the required functional sequences to match the customer’s requirements. Our customers also benefit from our speedy delivery times and global sales network that is able to help them with any service issues.

Compact drives for adjustable armchairs

The elegant design of many modern adjustable armchairs leaves little room for electrical components. That is why OKIN drives have a very compact construction. With their minimal installation dimensions, they enable a large lifting stroke even in confined spaces. The drives operate with a pushing force of up to 6,000 N compressive force – thus, despite their compact design, they are suitable for a wide range of applications and heavy-duty tasks. They also feature outstanding reliability and a gentle adjustment mechanism for the height, back or foot section.

Control units and control keypads: a wide range of functions for adjustable armchairs

Intelligent control units are essential for implementing customized motion profiles and extended functionality. The HE150 control unit is capable of connecting with up to four OKIN drives, a massage function and two built-in floor lights. The patented brush-sparking evaluation function makes it possible to save customized memory positions for OKIN drives without Hall sensors. The built-in bi-directional 2.4 GHz radio control enables wireless operations for all functions thanks to our patented, interference-free wireless transmissions. We have a wide selection of matching wireless hand-held transmitters for adjustable armchairs and many optional components (USB chargers, etc.).

The HE150 and many other OKIN control units have built-in Bluetooth so that the motorized armchairs can be operated using mobile devices.

Nursing beds require powerful technology

Today's nursing beds must have many capabilities: They need to satisfy the care needs of patients and nursing staff – and they need to provide excellent functionality and user-friendliness in support of performance and intuitive operation. Dewert's efficient product solutions can help you, as a manufacturer of nursing and hospital beds, to meet these requirements. Dewert's medical division offers single and double drives, lifting columns, control units, handsets, control elements as well as various accessories – all developed in Germany and made in Europe in compliance with the highest quality standards. Only high-quality, safe, robust and reliable products meet the Dewert standard.  Dewert drives for nursing beds cover a force range from 1.5 to 10 kN for adjustable loads, which makes them suitable for use in heavy-weight beds. In addition, we configure various customized systems with specific functions for nursing beds and clinical beds, depending on our customers' requirements.

Dewert products are installed in beds used for hospitals, nursing homes and home care – so there are strict safety requirements for these products. Dewert's drive technology features high safety reserves, so that your nursing beds remain fully functional even during exceptional situations, such as short-term overloads. Dewert products are, naturally, fail-safe and meet the relevant medical standards.

Versatile drive technology from Dewert

Dewert's single drives are ideal for the customized design and differentiation of nursing and hospital beds that have multiple adjustable sections. The Dewert drives from our MEGAMAT product lines are not bound to standardized clearance distances and can be installed in nursing beds according to your specific requirements. When used together with Dewert's GAMMA COLONNE III lifting columns, it is possible to implement even the most complex movement profiles (such as pivoting) to meet special requirements.

Do you need drive solutions that can be quickly installed in standardized nursing and clinical beds? Dewert's double drives are easy to install and service. They contain two powerful drives and are docked to a standardized frame using a simple click mechanism. Another advantage for manufacturers of nursing beds is that Dewert's double drives have an integrated control unit. This results in a compact design and there's no need for you to waste time with a complex connection to the control unit. Dewert's double drives also feature our usual level of versatile connectivity, so that additional auxiliary drives can be connected to implement extended movement profiles for nursing or hospital beds. Optional accessories, such as an under-bed lighting or an external power supply, can also be connected without any problems.

Comprehensive service and close customer proximity

Dewert cooperates with you to develop optimal solutions for nursing and hospital beds. This includes the development of customized system configurations and special solutions adapted to your requirements. Dewert makes it possible for you to optimize the time and costs that you invest in your project planning. You can, for example, design specific movement profiles for your nursing beds which, after joint approval, can be loaded into the control unit. Of course, Dewert is ready during the entire project planning process to support and work with you towards designing the best solution for your application. This includes carrying out joint test runs. These products undergo rigorous testing and several optimization loops in the Dewert laboratories. This is where their performance and interaction within the system are precisely assessed and fine-tuned. Thus, Dewert can safely ensure that you've optimally met all the prerequisites for a successful certification of your nursing bed.

With Dewert as your partner, you'll benefit from our worldwide service network. Dewert provides you with quick direct channels to the proper contact persons. We also offer on-site service and excellent spare parts availability for your nursing and hospital beds. Take advantage of the expertise and competent staff at Dewert for timely updates to your nursing beds. 

Drive technology according to your requirements

OKIN America Inc. manufactures cost-effective drives and systems that provide solutions for contemporary design and functionality challenges. Our products are used in bedding, seating, medical and office applications throughout the country. Our goal is to provide customers with the innovative technology and high-quality components that help advance their business.