About us

About us

Continual focus on the USA

The success of a company is dependent on the strength of the market in which it is active. As an American company, we are proud of the deep local roots we have at our site in Shannon, Mississippi. We offer good, secure jobs to our long-standing employees and US citizens. Supporting the US economy is very important for us. We are committed to our home country and make continual investments in our location.

We also believe that manufacturing in the United States is the best way to keep our country strong and provide our customers with reliable high-quality products.

We manufacture products that have been specially designed for the North American market. Our technology has been verified in a dedicated US testing laboratory to comply with the highest standards. We also provide customized drives on request. This drive technology is tailored to meet the individual requirements of our customers.

Drive technology according to your requirements

OKIN America Inc. manufactures cost-effective drives and systems that provide solutions for contemporary design and functionality challenges. Our products are used in bedding, seating, medical and office applications throughout the country. Our goal is to provide customers with the innovative technology and high-quality components that help advance their business.

Local and worldwide service

We provide sales and technical support to our North American customers from our location in Shannon, Mississippi. To meet the needs of our major customers, our local warehouse provides inventory support along with the quickest delivery times for standard components.

Experience and teamwork

Our employees are the key factor for the success of our company; they are proud of the high-quality products we manufacture. Our practiced team of experts has a wealth of expertise and industry experience. We work in an efficient, customer-oriented manner to deliver high-performance drive solutions.

Continual improvements

OKIN America Inc. is continually improving all of our work processes, products and services. Our comprehensive quality management, innovative product development and continual employee training all help to ensure this improvement.