Powerful drive solution for nursing beds

Versatile and low-noise: The rectangular DC20 heavy-duty lifting column is ideal for use in hospital and nursing beds as well as other applications in the nursing and treatment area. A pushing force of up to 2000 N and a high adjustment speed of maximum 48 mm/s ensures that the height can be adjusted reliably.

The heavy-duty lifting column is compact and extremely stable. Thanks to these characteristics, it is especially well suited to high off-centre loads. The DC20 is available with many configuration options, including a safety limit switch, additional limit switch or safety spindle nut.

Customer benefits

High pushing force

Fast adjustment speed

Low noise level

Suitable for high off-centre loads

Compact and stable design

Many configuration options

Standard configurations

Performance characteristics

Adjustment load

Max. 2000 N pushing force

Adjustment speed

Max. 48 mm/s
Max. 18 mm/s (at 2000 N)

Static bending moment

1000 Nm

Dynamic bending moment

500 Nm

Stroke length

Max. 700 mm

Fitting dimension (B)

Min. 120 mm + 1/2 stroke (minimum installation dimension 320 mm)

Outer dimensions

175 x 140 mm

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Control type

Direct circuit

Motor voltage

Maintenance-free 24 V DC DC motors

Protection degree


Limit cut-off

Via micro-switch

Noise intensity

48 dB(A)

Attachment points (base plate)

113 x 153 mm

Attachment points (end plate)

116 x 77 mm

Profile colour

Anodised aluminium

Supply cable

Grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 425 mm, LSP plug;
Grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, LSP plug;
Grey - RAL 7035, spiralled, 700 mm, 8-pin DIN plug
Grey - RAL 7035, smooth, 500 mm, 8-pin DIN plug

Extra configurations

Position detection

Hall sensor

Motor cables

Head and base plate

Motor cables - Control cable

Head and base plate

Motor cables - Cable gland

On the customer's request

Protection degree


Safety options

Safety limit switch, additional limit switch, safety spindle nut

Additional characteristics

Protection class


Relative humidity

30% to 75%

Ambient temperatures

+10 °C to +40 °C

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