PW.10: Wall Plug SMPS Power supply 

1. Multiple certification standards
The American Standard Wall Plug complies 6 certification standards: UL/FCC/IC/DOE/CEC/RoHS.
The European standard wall plug complies 3 certification standards: CE/ERP/RoHS.

2. Low standby power consumption
The standby power is less than 0.21W. The low energy comsuption not only ensures stability during the use, but also makes its life longer.

3. The PCB is neatly arranged
The PCB is arranged around the core components of each functional unit, minimizing and shortening the leads between components, reducing the chance of heat generation, short circuits and other problems.

4. Fireproof PC material shell
The power supply shell is made of fireproof PC material, and the high temperature test is carried out for 15 days in a 40°C environment to effectively prevent potential safety hazards.

5. 20AWG cable
For functional electric beds which generally do not exceed 100W of low-power furniture, the power cord of 20AWG fully meets the power demand.

Customer benefits

OKIN's independent research and development product

Compatible with all OKIN Seating, Bedding and Office products

Low standby power comsumption

Overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating and short circuit protection

Standard configurations

Technical data

Control unit

SMPS Wall Plug

Input voltage

100-240V AC 50Hz~60Hz 2.5A

Output voltage

29V DC 1.5A / 1.8A / 2.0A

Output power

29V 1.5A = 43.5W
29V 1.8A = 52.2W
29V 2A = 58W


Overvoltage protection
Overcurrent protection
Overheating protection
Short circuit protection

Housing color


Protection degree


Efficiency level


Relative humidity

Operation: 10% - 85% (non-condensing)
Storage: 5% - 95% (non-condensing)

Ambient temperature

Operation: -5°C ~ +30°C
Storage: -20°C ~ +70°C

Status display

LED Indicator (Green)


American standard: UL / FCC / IC / DOE / CEC / RoHS
European standard: CE / ERP / RoHS
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