Spa tables

For treatments and applications in the wellness sector, the top priority is the comfortable positioning of customers and patients. Dewert's drive technology ensures that spa loungers can be adjusted gently and safely by staff.


The requirements placed on spa loungers are demanding – whether they are for massages, cosmetic treatments or other wellness/health applications. Electrically adjustable applications are in high demand because they deliver the most comfort for patients and staff.

Throughout all applications and treatments in the wellness sector, the focus is always on the relaxation and well-being of the patient or customer. With very quiet and smoothly moving drives, Dewert's system technology is perfectly suited for these applications. The drives enable smooth height adjustments and individual positioning of the lounger's back and foot sections – providing maximum comfort. They also feature high IP protection, which means that contact with water and moisture (for example near the pool or when using massage oil) is never a problem.

In addition to the appropriate drives, Dewert also provides components such as control units, hand and foot switches, and accessories for the spa sector. Naturally, our products comply with all relevant hygienic and safety standards.


In addition to the components you have seen in the application above, Dewert offers many other products for the hospital sector. As a systems provider, it is important that we present our customers with both standard solutions and customised drive systems. That is why you'll find additional products for the hospital sector to choose from here.


除了上述应用中的组件,Dewert 还为Spa领域提供多种其他产品。作为一家一站式系统解决方案提供商,向客户展示标准解决方案和定制驱动系统均十分重要。您可在此处选择一些我们在Spa领域的产品。