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Three-leg table

Ergonomic office furniture is becoming increasingly important for protecting the health of workers and avoiding the negative effects of long periods of sitting. Height-adjustable desks, such as these roomy three-leg desks, have become an indispensable part of a modern working environment. They help prevent back and neck problems as well as poor concentration and fatigue over the long term.

Versatility, functionality and more space

Three-leg desks offer plenty of space for working, presenting or discussing. The electrically adjustable tables can be moved flexibly and conveniently from a sitting to a standing position at the touch of a button. This ensures not only an ergonomic workplace but also a great deal of freedom. OKIN's mechanical components are perfectly suited for table systems with three lifting columns, so that even large and heavy corner tables can be reliably adjusted in height. In addition to their collision protection feature, our smart control units enable precise height adjustment and individual movement profiles with memory position. Our table feet and frames are design-optimized and colour-matched to our high-performance lifting columns.

OKIN provides furniture manufacturers with a worldwide distribution network and many years of experience in the office furniture sector. We are constantly striving to expand our product portfolio of lifting columns, control units, control keypads and entire table systems as well as to develop innovative product solutions to meet our customers' special requirements.

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