Linear drives, lifting columns and other system components from Dewert allow precise and even adjustments for diagnostics (e.g. for state-of-the-art MRIs).


Magnetic resonance imaging and computer tomography have both become integral parts of everyday medical life and modern diagnostics. Both image-based methods of examining a patient enable a detailed diagnoses and the clarification of pathologies in various medical fields which demand reliable technology.

Thus, specialist doctors are dependent on equipment that must be reliable, resilient and precise. The drive technology within must also ensure efficiency, patient safety and precise positioning. Dewert has an extensive portfolio of high-performance linear drives and lifting columns which are used in computer tomography and magnetic resonance imaging applications. Our drive systems ensure the convenient, safe and versatile operations of these devices for providing efficient diagnostics.

Dewert is a reliable partner because you benefit from our many years of experience as a manufacturer of drives for the medical sector, our global presence and the continual development of our products. 


In addition to the components you have seen in the application above, Dewert offers many other products for the hospital sector. As a systems provider, it is important that we present our customers with both standard solutions and customised drive systems. That is why you'll find additional products for the hospital sector to choose from here.