Home office desks

Working from home offers many advantages and is becoming more and more popular. Not only self-employed people are setting up their workplaces at home, companies and their employees are increasingly opting for the home office. Just as in the office, the home workplace must meet high standards to ensure health, performance and satisfaction.

Ergonomics thanks to functionality and adjustable height

In addition to having the necessary technical equipment, the home workplace must be very functional and versatile so that it can effectively counteract typical complaints such as back pain, concentration problems and fatigue. Electrically adjustable desks are ideal for home office use. Their adjustable height enables them to be positioned as desired, so that you can avoid excessive sitting. OKIN has a space-saving two-leg table system that features excellent functionality, stability and design variety. The quiet and slim lifting columns, in combination with our smart control units and wide range of convenient control keypads, enable desks to be positioned precisely. Our products include adjustable desk frames in a wide variety of colours. These give office furniture manufacturers a great deal of freedom while designing home office desks.

OKIN has over 20 years of experience in the furniture industry and is a reliable partner for furniture manufacturers. Our wide range of products includes lifting columns, control units, control keypads and complete table systems. All our products feature high performance, stability and innovative technology.