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Conference table

Employees are not only spending a lot of time at their own workstations, working life also includes meetings – and these can last several hours or even a whole day. Not only office desks must be ergonomically adapted to ensure health, the furniture in conference rooms must also meet these high standards.

Optimal ergonomics for meetings

A sit-stand conference table for multiple persons provides outstanding versatility and many other advantages. By taking advantage of the electrical height adjustment feature, participants can switch between sitting and standing and thus remain in motion. This not only improves concentration and attention, but also minimizes fatigue and back and neck pain. Demanding requirements are placed on the components for height-adjustable meeting tables. OKIN provides the perfect foundation for an ergonomic working environment with its powerful, stable lifting columns that feature maintenance-free 24-volt motors. The slim lifting columns move quietly and synchronously. With their slim and attractive shape, they can also be integrated into a wide variety of designs. Intelligent control units, elegant control keypads and a variety of table feet supplement our portfolio.

For many years, OKIN has been providing high quality, innovative products for furniture manufacturing. Taking advantage of continual innovation and close cooperation with our partners, we manufacture drive technology for ergonomic, healthy workplaces.

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