Safety is important for people who are in need of care, especially when patients need protection during the night, and this is why we have developed the Out-of-Bed system. As soon as the patient gets out of bed, the floor lighting system is switched on, which allows him or her to move safely around the room. After the delay time has expired, the CU 155's potential-free switch contact activates an alarm system, a calling system or a lamp. The activation delay can be set individually to 15 or 30 seconds or 10 or 15 minutes. Activation and control of the system is possible via the IPROXX 2 Out-of-Bed handset. The handset can be used to switch the system off completely, and to switch the floor lighting on and off manually. This system supports the staff and ensures patient safety.


Limit switch

External limit switch for DEWERT drives and control unit, varied applications: e.g. to switch off a motor if there is a risk of a mechanical collision, or as a signal transmitter for our Out-of-Bed system.

Floor lighting system

Versatile, non-dazzle LED illumination. Depending on the application, area of use and control unit used, this product takes over the function – among others – of floor lighting, a handset distributor, or also the alarm function in the Out-of-Bed system.

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