The DUOMAT 3 is a standardised double drive for the EASY DRIVE system.

  • Load capacity: max. 3500 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)
  • Adjustment speed: max. 3.9 mm/sec. *
  • Equipment options: 2 x 9 V battery
* depending on drive configuration at constant 24/29 V without load

Standard configurations

Performance data

Load capacity

max. 3500 N on each side (for safety reasons, no pull force)

Adjustment speed 1

max. 3.9 mm/sec.

Stroke length

back rest: 69 / 87 mm
leg rest: 69 / 87 mm

Fitting dimension

installation length: 708 mm
component height: 120 mm
axle distance: 581 mm (+/- 2 mm)
axle diameter: 25 mm

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10 %, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Control unit

relay control

Motor voltage

maintenance-free 24 V DC motor


Limit switch

with micro switch

Housing colour

light grey RAL 7035

Connection cable

black, straight, 2350 mm, LSP-plug, PVC


external SMPS PD 14 / PD 15

Further data

Connectivity 2

2 slave drives
1 handset

Protection type


Protection class


Relative humidity

30% – 75%

Ambient temperature

+10°C - +40°C

Power supply

wide input voltage range 100-240 V AC (external SMPS PD 14/PD 15)


single-fault protected

Extra configurations

Further data

Quick release / Retracting function 3

2 x 9 V battery

1 depending on the drive configuration and the control components which are used

2 (example, depending on control unit type)

3 Retracting function: The clutch of the lowering function must be open during the entire downward movement.

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