Flexible and compact control unit for medical applications

Up to three drives and one handset can be connected to the first fail-safe control unit. In addition to the integrated SMPS, the MC10 offers a compact design that is ideal for use in the medical sector. The product is designed for direct mounting on to the single drives MEGAMAT 2 and MEGAMAT 5. The control type is a relay circuit. As an option, the MC10 is available with an earthed mains connection and IPX6 protection class.

Data overview

  • First-fault-proof 
  • Mounting on to MEGAMAT 2 and 5 possible
  • Integrated SMPS 
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Control type: Relay circuit

Customer benefits

Connections for drives: 1 – 3
Connections for operating elements: 1

Standard configurations

Performance data

Connection options

1 – 3 drives

Duty cycle

2/18 min. or 10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Control type

Relay circuit

Output voltage

29V DC constant

Protection degree


SMPS integrated


Mains power supply connection

100 – 230 V


Single-fault protection


Megamat 10/Megamat 5

Housing colour

Grey RAL 7035

Extra configurations

Mains power supply connection

Protective earth

Protection degree


Additional characteristics

Protection class


Relative humidity

30% – 75%

Ambient temperatures

+10 °C – +40 °C

1 (example, depending on control unit type)

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