Built-in operating element with rocker keys

Equipped with up to seven buttons, the RIDGE provides users with optimum haptic feedback when adjusting the armchair. The keys and cover frame of the built-in handset have an elegant brush metal look. The black housing has no visible screw holes and has an integrated USB charger.

  • Stylish built-in handset

Customer benefits

Attractive design

Metal-coloured keys and cover frame

No visible screw holes

Up to 3 rocker switches (6 keys) + home button

Built-in USB charger

Standard configurations

Performance data


Direct control

Number of keys

2, 5 or 7

Built-in USB charger


Housing colour

Top housing section: Metal-coloured

Additional data

Protection degree


Relative air humidity

30 to 75%

Ambient temperature

+10 to +40 °C


Handsets with built-in USB chargers cannot be used together with the power pack 1800

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