DD473.3: The best drive solution for the office

Easily and conveniently adjusting the height of desks: The DD473.3 lifting columns from OKIN make it possible. They feature a robust compact design. These lifting columns can be easily integrated into various desk systems, which make them ideal for ergonomic office environments. This product also has a sleek appearance: It has a smooth profile surface and does not require any cross beams or visible openings in the cross-section profile.

Optimal features for the office

The DD473.3 lifting columns are configured with a low-play sliding system, so that you can make easy adjustments while maintaining excellent stability. Thanks to a special gear, the drives are very quiet and fast. The noise level is less than 48 dB. To ensure precise, safe height adjustments, the columns always move synchronously – there is a built-in function that allows you to reset to the top position at any time. The DD473.3 also has a collision protection mechanism for added safety. The low power consumption also ensures outstanding energy efficiency.

Customer benefits

Modern and compact design

Low-play sliding system for outstanding stability

Special gear for whisper-quiet operations

Noise-level lower than 48 dB

All column profiles move synchronously


Low consumption

Standard configurations

Technical data

Column Type

2 Stage

Permitted push force

Max. 800 N / 180 lbs

Permitted pull force

Max. 800 N / 180 lbs

Adjustment speed max.

35 mm (1.38") / sec.


650mm / 25.59"

Min Height

560mm / 22.05"

Max Height

1210mm / 47.64"

Tube Dimension


Housing color

White RAL 9016, Silver RAL 9006, Black RAL 9005

Duty cycle

2/18 min.

Duty cycle

10%, max. 5 switching cycles per minute

Protection type


Protection class


Relative humidity

30% to 75%

Ambient temperature

+10℃ to +40℃

Motor voltage

24 V/DC




<48 dB

Connection options


Optional Hall Sensor

Motor cable

Length depends on plug types(1.5m for 3 feet plug / 2.5m for 2 feet plug)

Certificates / Approvals


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