Adjustable Bed for "Sleep Freedom"

Freud said that "only two-thirds of us belong to the world, and one-third has not yet been born", which actually means that 1/3 of the day we are in sleep...and make good use of this "not yet born" world- - A completed sleep experience will bring: good regulation of cognitive nerves, vascular stress, mood and stress.

How to achieve good sleep and have a deep rest? Doctor Cui, the dean of OKIN research Institute, gave the answer from several parts.

Q1:What are the stages of sleep?

Generally speaking, it is divided into two major stages: Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep and Rapid Eye Movement Sleep. And Non-Rapid Eye Movement Sleep includes four stages from falling asleep to deep sleep.

These sleep stages are based on changes in brain waves. None of the first four stages showed this rapid eye movement phenomenon.

After deep sleep, the rapid eye movement sleep comes. The brain is relatively active now, and there may be many dreams in this period. The REM period generally accounts for 20% to 25% of sleep time. Data shows that REM is very helpful for our sleep and can improve the efficiency of the brain.

Q2:How to gain more REM?

REM sleep usually occurs 90 minutes after falling asleep, and it usually lasts for ten minutes in the first stage of sleep. (See video for details)

Q3:How does sleeping position help your sleep?

Switching many sleep positions overnight is the norm. The OKIN one-stop intelligent bed control system has successfully realized sleep monitoring, analysis and intervention.

At the same time, combined with the snoring intervention function, the OKIN intelligent bed control system can realize a complete closed-loop of sleep monitoring, analysis, and intervention, so as to help users achieve better sleep;

Q4:How does deep sleep lead to good physical fitness?

Human brain waves can be divided into four categories, among which alpha brain waves are released when the body is relaxed and functioning optimally; achieving better physical performance means that more alpha brain waves need to be released. How to achieve a closed loop of this release?

It's not hard to see from our conversation with Doctor Cui that the following points are essential to good sleep.


1. Make a routine for sleep and ensure at least seven hours of sleep;

2. Create a sleep-aiding environment: keep the room temperature at 19°C, no noise interference, and stay away from blue light;

3. Pay attention to the sleep cycle, increase REM sleep, and improve brain efficiency;

4. Adequate sleep helps restore body function and provide energy for cells;

5. Use the intelligent bed control system to adjust the sleeping position and other memory positions to improve sleep quality.

OKIN intelligent bed control system helps end users to have a pleasant and healthy sleep experience.

At the same time, OKIN will continue to develop in the field of sleep technology to provide your electric bed products with the technical empowerment of "Better sleep, better physical fitness".