Relax Chair Mechanism:3101

The mechanism is designed with KD metal bracket, which is convenient for the disassembly and assembly of the armrest. When the finished product is transported, the armrest can be KD, which is more convenient for transportation and increases the loadability. The backrest has a headrest angle adjustment of 22°, which can be adjusted in four gears and needs to be reset manually. The backrest pneumatic spring (built-in handle) can be adjusted, locked at any angle and more free to choose a comfortable position. The position where the backrest is connected to the seat cushion is designed to be higher, which gives a higher support to the waist, and can be directly folded and transported. The height and shape of the bases and cylinder is optional, and more styles of base can be adapted. (round or five-star)

Customer benefits

360° unlimited swivel

KD metal bracket

Locked at any angle

Standard configurations

Load capacity

350 lbs


25000 cycles

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