Zero gravity mechanism:5216D

OKIN 5216D mechanism stimulates zero-gravity experience of astronaut in space. When the recliner is fully extended, user's heart is in direct line with his knees, which allows a completely relaxed experience. The zero-gravity angle of 126°±7° is the taking-off position for NASA astronauts and the most ergonomic reclining angle, which can reduce the pressure on the spine, providing stress-free experience. 

And there are also some other advantages which must be mentioned here. There is not only metal to floor mechanism, but also wood to floor mechanism to fit different clients' needs. Moreover, it keeps KD design which is convenient for transportation. And high-leg design allows sweeping robot  pass.


Customer benefits

Applied in high leg sofa

Zero gravity

Reduced seat height

Connecting rod driving design

Available in different sizes

Standard configurations

Load capacity

350 lbs


25000 cycles
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