When the battery is not connected with the control box, the standby power could be less than 0.5uA. It also has the intelligent battery management function. When the battery voltage is less than 22V, it will stop to outputting voltage, which improves the battery durability. When it's cut off in constant two hours, it will switch off itself. And when the external power is connected with the battery, it will work again. And only after constant 4-hour recharging, the battery will switch into normal model. It could be matched with MC 15, MC 16, MC 17 and MC 18.

Customer benefits

Intelligent low voltage alert

Built-in charger

Intelligent battery management

Low standby power consumption

Matched wtih MC15/MC16/MC17/MC18

Standard configurations


Light grey(Nylon)

Output voltage

24V DC

Battery capacity


Battery type

Lead-acid battery

Protection degree


Ambient temperature





DOD protection
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