MEGAMAT 10:new generation of MEGAMAT single drive

MEGAMAT 10 could be applied in limited space of different medical products due to its compact design. The push force can reach 6,000N and the pull force can reach 3,000N. The adjustment speed is 29mm/s and the stroke can reach 425mm. High IPX6 protection degree can prevent MEGAMAT 10 from harm.

Safety and multi-function 

MEGAMAT 10 has many configuration options: u-clip, stroke pipe, and hall sensor. As fot the safety, it has thermal links,safety nut and emergency operation. It fits the care bed and hospital bed a lot.

Customer benefits

High power density

Cost optimization

High cost-efficiency

MEGAMAT standard

Configuration options

Standard configurations

Technical data

Protection class

Protection degree

Max. IPX6

Motor voltage


Duty cycle

2/18,or 10%,max. 5 switching cycles per minute


Max. 425mm

Load capacity

Max. 6000N push force,
Max. 3000Npull force

Installation size



Light grey, black

Stroke pipe

Aluminum alloy,plastic-coated steel pipe




28mm/s(24V/29V DC without load)

Motor cable

Grey PVC spiral cable,455mm,LSP plug
Grey PVC spiral cable,160mm,LSP plug
Black PVC spiral cable,455mm,LSP plug
Grey PVC straight cable,1660mm,LSP plug
Grey PVC straight cable,1485mm,DIN plug,8pin
Grey PVC straight cable,1850mm,DIN plug,8pin
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